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It’s Land Tax Time of Year!

It’s that time of year where Land Tax assessments and invoices are being sent out by the Office of State Revenue. A question that is raised many times from clients is “WHY IS MY LAND TAX BILL SO HIGH?”  There are a few reasons, but one of the main reasons that many people are not aware of, is that Office of State … Read the full post »

Strata Titles Act Amendment Bill 2018 Passed Parliament!

Milestone achieved!
The Strata Titles Act Reform team was today delighted to announce the Strata Titles Amendment Bill 2018 (STA Bill) passed Parliament (1st November 2018), ushering in the most significant changes to strata in over 20 years.

During passage of the STA Bill, the Legislative Council referred Part 12 of the Bill (Termination of schemes) to the Standing Committee on Legislation. This review … Read the full post »