Selling Secrets

Radi Estates is dedicated to providing you all the information to achieve the maximum sale price for your home. You are not just another sale, and we will not list your home just to have another statistic. We want a great result, and we want to continue to achieve record prices for our neighbourhoods as we have done for many years. Listed below are a few selling secrets to help you achieve the best result, however to find out even more, please contact Radi Estates today for a comprehensive guide.

  • Research & Plan

    Before you consider selling, research the market, focusing on properties in your area. Is it a good time to sell? Where do you intend to move next? What’s your budget, including moving? You don’t need all the answers, but you should develop a clear set of goals and have a realistic view of your finances before you invest time and money into preparing for sale. The first step can be speaking to an agent. Get some honest advice on the current market and what you potentially need to do to maximise your sale price in the current market.

  • Make sure that your Appraisal is Supported with Evidence.

    Many sellers decide on a selling price, without knowing what their home is actually worth in the current market. This can seriously affect the chances of the property being sold (or it could be sold for less than what it is worth). Be aware that different appraisers could have varying opinions on the supposed selling price of a property. Some real estate agents even ‘high ball’ it. Giving you an unreasonable figure to secure your property, then constantly talking you down to the realistic price. An accurate appraisal/valuation will determine the price of your home based on various factors like market conditions, state of the home, and value of other properties in the area. Make sure the agent you choose, has evidence supporting their appraisal price.

  • What’s the Plan/Strategy?

    Make sure the agent you choose has a plan. What is their process to sell your home? How are they going to achieve the sale at the proposed figure? What happens if we don’t get interest at this price? What is their process if we don’t get an offer within 3 weeks? What is the process if we don’t get an offer in 6 weeks? What’s their marketing plan? There is always a plan. If the agent doesn’t have a plan, then they are not maximise the sale price of your property.

  • Advertise in major property listing websites.

    These days, everyone turns to the Internet to get what they are looking for. If you want to sell your house fast, then you need to advertise online. If you aren’t online you are missing out on a huge pool of serious buyers. This is a quick and affordable way to get your property out there. A couple of sites drive the majority of traffic. So instead of posting an ad everywhere you should think of, go for the sites that people actually visit to buy houses. Radi Estates will advise you of the benefits of the different websites and different marketing options on these websites.

  • Make sure your house is inviting and comfortable.

    You know how people envy the homes they see on TV because of its big kitchen, spacious living room, or charming garden? That’s how you should make people feel when they enter your house. Regardless of your house’s size or interior design, it can have this wow effect with the help of home staging. Things like remodelling the kitchen, changing the furniture arrangement, or the interior paint can make a huge difference. However you don’t need to go overboard. Radi Estates will give you hints and tips on where to best spend your money or time to get your property ready for sale. So before you start, please speak to Radi Estates, so we can guide you in what buyers are looking for. You don’t always need to engage a property stylist, as there is alternatives to still achieve a similar look for a fraction of the cost. You want an emotional buyer (emotional buyers pay more) so get them to see themselves in your home. You want to get them imaging living in the house. Sitting in the lounge room, cooking in the kitchen. Make the house as inviting as possible.

  • Make your house stand out from every other house.

    In a flooded property market, your house needs to stand out compared to the rest, so it is remembered. How can you do this, if you have a similar property to the many on the market? Research your market. Make sure you know what else is on offer, and make sure that you have something different to the other properties to make it stand out and be on their short list. Radi Estates can save you this research time, as they are fully abreast of competition on market and will make recommendations on how to make your property stand out.

  • Improve and maximise your property’s first impression.

    The exterior of your property is also important. To attract potential buyers, your home must look good, even from the outside. Many people will see your home first by driving by, so if it’s an eyesore from afar, they won’t bother take a closer look- much less come inside. Radi Estates will make recommendations on the key elements buyers look at when they drive past your property. A genuine buyer will always drive by before the open for inspection, so it’s important that once you are on market, you always have your property looking at its best. Again this helps with the emotional engagement of your buyer, before they even enter the front door.

  • Make The Emotional Break.

    Arguably the most important step before selling your property is being able to bid it farewell and no longer see it as a home. Focus on your future rather than the past, and make peace with your property as a product to be marketed and sold. How will you channel your insights into a targeted campaign for a new owner? This can be very difficult to do, especially when a home has been in a family for generations or even a decade. There is so many memories. Rest assured those memories will always stay with you, but making that emotional break before going to market, makes the process of the selling process much easier, as you will start to look at this as a logical method of sale, rather than an emotional roller coaster.

    Hopefully now you don’t have to wait forever to sell your house, or take the low-ball offer you were given. Just follow these tips, and be patient. You should find a buyer soon enough.