Benefits of professional photography when leasing your property

Have you ever seen a property being advertised and wondered what the agent was thinking using those dark, blurry, unflattering photos? At Radi Estates we always recommend having your property professionally photographed and YES whether for rent or for sale, it is hands down one of the most important aspects of your marketing campaign to finding a suitable tenant!

We so often hear clients say, it’s just a rental. It’s never just a rental. It is our job to expose your property to the largest pool of potential tenants, and to do this professional photography is vitally important.

When marketing your property for lease, a photo speaks a thousand words. They are the first impression potential tenants have of your property. You only have one chance to make a first impression, so make it count!

It’s from these photos that potential tenants will decide if they can see themselves living in your property, if the rent asked matches their expectations and whether to take the next step and inspect the property. Tenants (and I suppose most people in general), are very time poor, and they will short list their preferred properties from what they see online in the marketing.

Investing the extra money to hire a professional to photograph your property will ensure it is shown in its best possible light.

Photographers know the tricks of the trade,

They allow for wide angles
Wide angles lenses enable the photographer to capture the size of the entire room, which creates a feeling of space, and space is paramount!

They use good lighting
A professional photographer knows how to make the most of the correct lighting. Good lighting can take a room from good to great.

They deliver clear and crisp images
Professional photos are of a high quality. Photos are clear and of high resolution. They are generally void of blurring and bad lighting that can be common in photos from your phone.

The images are yours to keep
Once you’ve had professional photos taken of your property they are yours to keep. So when you decide to lease again or sell down the track, you have high quality, high resolution images on hand. So that once off investment in professional photography costs, are tax deductible and able to be used for future tenancies.

Talk to us today about our other marketing tips and tricks when it comes to leasing your property to ensure you attract the best quality tenant at the highest possible price.

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