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Rental Marketing – Real Vs Virtual Furniture

In a changing market where tenants & buyers are shortlisting their properties through on-line searches, marketing and presentation is absolutely paramount. They won’t even make it to your front door, if your property doesn’t present well online! Society has changed. People are time poor, and the internet and online property portals are they way they search for properties. If they see enough of what they like online, then, and only … Read the full post »

It’s Land Tax Time of Year!

It’s that time of year where Land Tax assessments and invoices are being sent out by the Office of State Revenue. A question that is raised many times from clients is “WHY IS MY LAND TAX BILL SO HIGH?”  There are a few reasons, but one of the main reasons that many people are not aware of, is that Office of State … Read the full post »

Strata Titles Act Amendment Bill 2018 Passed Parliament!

Milestone achieved!
The Strata Titles Act Reform team was today delighted to announce the Strata Titles Amendment Bill 2018 (STA Bill) passed Parliament (1st November 2018), ushering in the most significant changes to strata in over 20 years.

During passage of the STA Bill, the Legislative Council referred Part 12 of the Bill (Termination of schemes) to the Standing Committee on Legislation. This review … Read the full post »

The Higher Rent, Lower Income Misconception

Many landlords who lease their property often have a mindset of ‘holding out for the highest rent’, thinking the sky is the limit in a competitive rental market. Many even do this if it means losing several weeks of rental income, with an over-priced and sometimes assumed rent without substantiating evidence.

What does ‘holding out for the highest rent’ mean for the overall … Read the full post »

We Love Receiving Reviews!

WOW! So stoked to receive these wonderful words of thanks from a client we sold for in Morley this month. It’s what it’s all about and why we LOVE our job!   “Steve provided a no fuss and direct service. A refreshing approach from the over priced and under performing agents currently operating in the central/eastern Perth suburbs. Property sold in 4 days and … Read the full post »

Great time to fertilise your lawn

Most grasses love our hot summers and have plenty of vigorous growth over this time. Now is the best time to start feeding and preparing your lawn for the coming winter months.  The optimum time to do this is two applications of fertiliser; one in March and one in April/May. (before the weather gets cold)  A fertiliser high in potassium will give your lawn protection … Read the full post »

Does your portable/wading pool need a fence?

The short answer is Yes! In most states and territories (including WA), a pool requires a fence when it is filled (or capable of being filled) to a depth of 300mm (30cms) or more.

This basically means that most portable pools fall under this legislative requirement and therefore you could be fined for not having a fence around your portable swimming pool.

Portable pools … Read the full post »

Christmas Eve Traditions

There’s no doubt that Christmas Eve is one of the most exciting nights of the year for most children. The magic and the anticipation all makes for the perfect evening.

To make Christmas Eve that much more special and perhaps distract the kiddos from Santa’s impending visit try creating some new traditions to add to the list of things the family looks … Read the full post »

Paying your water consumption accounts on time

As a tenant you do not receive your water bill directly from Water Corporation. The landlord or Radi Estates receive the bill, we then invoice you, the tenant for the consumption component of the bill.

Water Corporation invoice customers every 2 months. Each bill consists of 2 parts: the service charge (or water rates) which are the owner’s responsibility; and the water … Read the full post »

Pests & Vermin Control – Who is Responsible?

What the Tenancy Agreement states: In accordance with the tenant’s obligation to keep the premises in a reasonable state of cleanliness pursuant to section 38(1)(a) of the Act, the tenant must keep the premises in a clean and sanitary condition and free from dirt, oils, grease, insects and vermin.

As a general rule, any infestation of pests such as rats, mice, possums, cockroaches, … Read the full post »

Top 5 security tips for your home during holiday season

Holidays should be about rest and recharging, not creating major headaches. If you’re heading out of town, take these simple precautions to keep your home safe and give you peace of mind.

Do yourself a favour and to relieve the tension of possible disaster when you leave your house empty over the holiday period with our top 5 tips.

1. Lock up when … Read the full post »

Do school catchment zones really make a difference to Perth property prices?

Well especially at this time of the year, a lot of the active buyers in the market place who are ready to make a move at the busiest social time of the year, are buyers they normally have a deadline looming. One of the main deadlines in great family areas at this time of year with property moves is around the school … Read the full post »

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