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Spring Is Here

Spring has sprung here in Perth and as we warm up it is an important time for property owners and property managers to carry out some essential spring maintenance on their properties.
There are two critical points as we head into spring. We need to ensure that reticulation systems are set to water the gardens and we need to … Read the full post »

Perth Rental Market Improves in August

Article courtesy of REIWA Website 5th September 2018
The Perth rental market continues to show promising signs of improvement, with the vacancy rate falling to 4.5 per cent in August – the lowest it’s been since April 2015.

REIWA President Hayden Groves said the Perth rental market had shown encouraging signs across all key indicators.

“What we are seeing is a … Read the full post »

Synergy Changes End of Tenancy Policy


Synergy has begun to enforce their stated policy that “whenever a property has a power supply, there must be an account holder who is responsible for paying the account.”  When a tenant is advising Synergy that a tenancy is

ending then a notice is sent to the property (not the property manager) that the power will be disconnected 14 days from the tenancy ending. The … Read the full post »

March 2018 quarter statistics – rental market

Things are finally starting to look up for investors, with median weekly house rents recording quarterly growth for the first time in almost five years. With weekly house rents up 1.4 per cent to $355pw during the March quarter and vacancy rate down to 5.1%.

Following a prolonged period of price declines and a rise in listings, the rental market in Perth is … Read the full post »

Do your gutters need cleaning?

It’s fairly easy to tell when your gutters need a clean. Gutters should be able to handle most normal periods of rainfall, so when gutters begin to drip or completely overflow, it’s usually a sign that they need a clean or professional inspection. The most obvious signs your gutters are full, is you can see leaves overflowing out of the gutters and … Read the full post »

The difference between Landlords & Building Insurance

The importance of holding insurance to protect your investment property is an obvious choice for most. As Property Managers we always recommend both. Landlords Insurance is often overlooked or policies are taken out that don’t really allow you to claim on what is needed. As a property owner, it is still important to become familiar with exactly what you are covered for, and … Read the full post »

How to avoid the wrong tenants

 Evicting a tenant is a costly and time consuming process that most landlords would rather avoid.  That’s why it is important to screen your prospective tenants carefully before handing over the keys.
Often, properties where the owner acts as landlord are targeted by bad tenants since their financial history and or previous rental history is less likely to be investigated than if they approached a property managed by a … Read the full post »

Pests & Vermin Control – Who is Responsible?

What the Tenancy Agreement states: In accordance with the tenant’s obligation to keep the premises in a reasonable state of cleanliness pursuant to section 38(1)(a) of the Act, the tenant must keep the premises in a clean and sanitary condition and free from dirt, oils, grease, insects and vermin.

As a general rule, any infestation of pests such as rats, mice, possums, cockroaches, … Read the full post »

The importance of Landlords insurance

When we buy a house to live in, the first thing we do is take out insurance on the property as it comes naturally to us to protect ourselves and our family. However, when it comes to an investment property we may not think about taking out landlord insurance not understanding the importance of it until it’s too late.

So, what is landlord insurance … Read the full post »

Benefits of professional photography when leasing your property

Have you ever seen a property being advertised and wondered what the agent was thinking using those dark, blurry, unflattering photos? At Radi Estates we always recommend having your property professionally photographed and YES whether for rent or for sale, it is hands down one of the most important aspects of your marketing campaign to finding a suitable tenant!

We so often hear clients say, it’s just a rental. It’s never … Read the full post »

Is your garden and retic ready to take advantage of Spring weather?

As we emerge from the Winter season we are all ready to burst into Spring and begin enjoying some warmer conditions. The winter rain has encouraged the plants in the garden to grow and lawn to become greener but as we head towards Summer we can expect rainfall decrease. To make sure your gardens are thriving before we hit the peak of … Read the full post »

Does a construction site next door to your investment, impact residential rental values?

The mining boom might have faded, but there’s a new boom in WA as billions of dollars in infrastructure and developments are under construction and sure to impact the residential property market. If your property is next to a construction site it might be a good idea to look at tenant incentive options.

A landlord should treat his/her rental property like a business. As … Read the full post »