Do school catchment zones really make a difference to Perth property prices?

Well especially at this time of the year, a lot of the active buyers in the market place who are ready to make a move at the busiest social time of the year, are buyers they normally have a deadline looming. One of the main deadlines in great family areas at this time of year with property moves is around the school terms. People looking at purchasing now, ideally want to move in and be settled before the school year begins. Generally a lot of people also have their place of work closed for short periods of time, which gives buyers/sellers a chance to try and move with a few more days up their sleeve.

So, school catchment zones….. What a hot topic. Sometimes you don’t even want to start the conversation with friends or colleagues as it can be such a passionate topic to discuss. Public, which one? Or Private. There is just so much choice. With Private schooling, obviously where you live doesn’t have a huge bearing on whether your child is accepted into a school or not. HOWEVER for public schools, where you live is the deciding factor more often than not on which school you can apply for your child to go to.

We have seen quite a substantial increase over the last 12 months from people that are opting to move out of the Private Schooling system and back into the Public Schooling system. With private schooling becoming more and more expensive, eating into the everyday budget of WA families, people are re-considering where they are spending their hard earned post tax dollars. Fortunately in the inner northern corridor, we are really spoilt for choice with some fantastic Government Schools. We are constantly asked where boundaries are to which schools, as most schools don’t cover entire suburbs, they start and stop at certain streets within the suburbs. For Example. with Mt Lawley Senior High School – only part of Inglewood is in the catchment for Mt Lawley Senior High School. Where is the cut off? Does this affect property values? Of course it does, as it generally will open yourself up to a wider demographic and pool of buyers if you are in that particular school catchment. Inglewood Primary School – there is only a few streets within the suburb of Bedford where you will fall into the desired Inglewood Primary School Catchment Zone. This does generally put a higher value on these few streets within the suburb (if the home is a home suitable for a family).

How much it affects the value of the home varies between suburbs, streets and house styles, but let it be known that school zones do play a large part in the family demographic of buyers in their choice of home location. Especially at this time of the year with people trying to get into their preferred school of choice for the 2018 school year.

If you would like an easy access to High School Boundaries, please check out the suburb profiles on the Radi Estates website. As well as a suburb video highlighting the benefits of our local suburbs, each profile will have the various High School options and their boundary maps. This is a useful tool if you are choosing a long term home for your family. if you would like to discuss this in more details, or have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at the office on 9275 2945.