Frequently Asked Questions – Tenant

  • I have no power to my house. What do I do?

    Firstly check that there is not a street outage of power. Secondly check that none of your RCD switches have turned off. If an RCD switch has turned to an off position, then you can try to turn it back on. If it continues to switch off, then watch this video guide as to how to check what’s causing it. 9 times out of 10, the RCD turns off because an appliance has a fault, and it is going to turn off  the RCD switch so that further electrical problems do not occur. If the electrical problem is not caused by an appliance that belongs to you, then please contact your property manager and advise them you have done an appliance test. Radi Estates will then arrange an electrician to attend. Please see the following video tutorial of how to check your RCD’s and appliances.

  • The pilot light has blown out on my hot water system. How do I relight it?

    Most gas hot water systems have instructions on the exterior of the hot water system or on the inside cover of the hot water system. Each hot water system is slightly different, so please follow the instructions carefully. If no instructions can be found, or you have followed the instructions and the pilot light is still not lighting, please contact your property manager to report the maintenance so we can arrange a plumber to attend.

  • How much notice do I need to give when I vacate my property?

    Fixed Lease: 30 days prior to the fixed lease expiry date is required to be given in writing to your property manager. Periodic lease: 21 days written notice is required to be given in writing to your property manager. Please note, rent will be charged up to the expiry of this notice period, even if you have already moved out of the home prior to this date. You can fill in the following form to confirm vacate dates with your property manager.

  • Can I break my fixed term lease?

    It is possible to break your lease, however there are terms, conditions & costs associated with doing so. In a nutshell you are responsible for paying rent until we find a replacement tenant/s and any costs associated with finding this tenant. Please contact your property manager, requesting information on breaking your lease, and they will provide a breakdown of costs for you to approve before we commence looking for a new tenant. These costs include: advertisement costs for a new tenant, update property condition report costs, the unexpired portion of the owner leasing fee (which will change, pending your lease term and how far through your lease you are), the vacate inspection fee. These costs will all be itemised upon request to your property manager for further information. A form with the costs and terms of the break lease will be emailed to you, which you are required to approve and sign prior to your property manager commencing advertising for a new tenant.

  • Can I water my lawns more than my designated irrigation days?

    As a tenant you are required to keep the lawns in the condition that they were given to you at lease commencement. Under Water Corporation guidelines, you are allowed to use irrigation systems on your nominated sprinkler days. If you are unsure of your sprinkler days, please check the Water Corporation website here:

    While it is prohibited to use your irrigation on non designated watering days, you may still hand water your garden.  See the below link from the Water Corporation with explanation: