Rental Marketing – Real Vs Virtual Furniture

In a changing market where tenants & buyers are shortlisting their properties through on-line searches, marketing and presentation is absolutely paramount. They won’t even make it to your front door, if your property doesn’t present well online! Society has changed. People are time poor, and the internet and online property portals are they way they search for properties. If they see enough of what they like online, then, and only then will they reach out to the agent for an appointment, or attend a home open.

What does this mean for you, the landlord? It means you only get one opportunity to make an impression that says, come and

view me! I’m the home for you! And that opportunity starts with your online photography & marketing.

If your property is listed for rent and you:
1 – Do not have professional photography
2 – Are not considering Virtual Furniture as an option with your photography
3 – Are not using your major websites promotional advertising of highlight or feature listings…..

You can not guarantee you have
1 – Avoided unnecessary and minimal vacancy
2 – Attracted THE BEST TENANT
3 – Achieved the best price!

If your current agent is not recommending these options to you as a landlord, then are you sure you are getting the right advice and achieving THE BEST RESULT? Phone us today for a transparent, genuine service on 9275 2945 or email Tamara at for more information.