Paying your water consumption accounts on time

As a tenant you do not receive your water bill directly from Water Corporation. The landlord or Radi Estates receive the bill, we then invoice you, the tenant for the consumption component of the bill.

Water Corporation invoice customers every 2 months. Each bill consists of 2 parts: the service charge (or water rates) which are the owner’s responsibility; and the water use charge (how much water has been used) which is the tenant’s responsibility.

Water use charges are calculated from the date of the last meter reading to the current meter reading. The water use charge will change each bill depending on how much water has been used over the period.

Billing 6 times per year spreads the costs and makes it easier for tenants to pay. It also assists with water efficiency and leak detection, as tenants can see their water use information more often and assess changes.

If an account payment is not received by the due date, an overdue notice is sent to the PROPERTY OWNER (not the property manager). Therefore if you don’t pay your water account on time, the owner will receive the reminder notice, which states on top of the letter – NOTICE OF LEGAL ACTION – Do not Ignore This Notice. So you can imagine when the owner receives this notice, they get quite troubled, as they assume the water account has been paid on time. When you receive your water account from your property manager, please promptly pay the account, to avoid overdue notices being sent to the owner. We appreciate your assistance in this matter.