How to avoid the wrong tenants

16 March 2018

 Evicting a tenant is a costly and time consuming process that most landlords would rather avoid.  That’s why … Read the full post »

Does your portable/wading pool need a fence?

31 January 2018

The short answer is Yes! In most states and territories (including WA), … Read the full post »

Christmas Eve Traditions

21 December 2017

There’s no doubt that Christmas Eve is one of the most … Read the full post »

Paying your water consumption accounts on time

15 December 2017

As a tenant you do not receive your water bill directly … Read the full post »

Pests & Vermin Control – Who is Responsible?

15 December 2017

What the Tenancy Agreement states: In accordance with the tenant’s obligation to … Read the full post »

Top 5 security tips for your home during holiday season

15 December 2017

Holidays should be about rest and recharging, not creating major headaches. … Read the full post »

Do school catchment zones really make a difference to Perth property prices?

15 December 2017

Well especially at this time of the year, a lot of the … Read the full post »

Selling a property with tenants?

15 December 2017

With the average selling days on market at an all time high, we … Read the full post »

Helping Tenants Avoid Christmas Disasters

24 November 2017

No one wants to be the Grinch who stole the Christmas … Read the full post »

Pet Resumes

23 November 2017

As a renter with pets, you are probably aware that it … Read the full post »

The importance of Landlords insurance

8 November 2017

When we buy a house to live in, the first thing we do … Read the full post »

Benefits of professional photography when leasing your property

26 October 2017

Have you ever seen a property being advertised and wondered what the agent was thinking using those dark, blurry, unflattering … Read the full post »

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